I am a researcher in Public Health, and I spend an inordinate and unjustifiable amount of  time online. I may have  a specific form  of AADHD that only manifests itself  once I have access to the internet.

But because of that I occasionaly stumble upon things that I find  funny, interesting, outrageous or touching, and I like to share such things  with others. It seems to me that a blog is  the least intrusive way to do that (far better than flooding the mailboxes of everyone I know with cute doggie pics, for example).

So, for your entertainment, amusement, inspiration  and occasionally indignation, heeeeere’s the bloggie!

Oh, I almost forgot: what kind of silly name is that, you might ask. (go ahead, ask, I’m waiting)

It turns out that as part of my job I am usually way behind schedule in a  number of things that I was supposed to have done  already (procrastination is part of the syndrome, you know), and sometimes I have the sensation that I am surrounded by expired (or expiring) deadlines, hence  the name. Happy now?

ResearcherID J-4675-2013


Google scholar citations: http://scholar.google.com.br/citations?user=wbRHZxAAAAAJ&hl=en



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