A Quack is Caught

I posted recently about the ubiquitous presence of "miracle cures" and the health risks that they represent.

One of the most dangerous, and most insane, is the cult that developed around an egress from Scientology (nuff said), who declared bleach a panacea, and made this dogma into a religion.

He advocates for both drinking and taking enemas with solutions of industrial strength bleach, referring to it as "Miracle Mineral Supplement". People with varying ailments, and parents with autistic children started doing this kind of aggression to themselves or to their own kids. I won’t even go into details, there are newspaper articles, blog posts (like this one, or this other), and even an entry on RationalWiki.

But the subject of this post is not to describe this paroxysm of insanity, but to celebrate the fact that one of the major culprits for the dissemination of this fraud and profiting from it has been convicted, and could face a stiff sentence: Seller of Quack “Treatment” Miracle Mineral Solution Convicted.

May this be just the beginning,


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