Sunday link dump, part 3: climate change deniers

One of the most active areas of anti-science activism is climate change denial, among other reasons because of the huge funding that such activists and "scientists" receive from industries that would rather have all of us boiling than curb their profits. In one case, an already discredited individual (in the scientific community) has his ties with the industry exposed; in the other, an inquisitor starts complaining when the shoe gets to the other foot.

How Often Do Climate Scientists Have To Debunk Willie Soon?
"Recent revelations regarding Smithsonian scientist Willie Soon’s financing and coordination with fossil fuel companies for studies undermining the science of climate change has received quite a bit of attention. Our friends at the Climate Investigations Center have links to source documents, letters to the IRS and Congress, letters to journals that Soon appears to have mislead, and some of the press covering all of this. The drama has largely outshone the main point among most scientists: Willie Soon’s work is vastly discredited. For those who aren’t familiar with Willie Soon’s fossil fuel company contracting over the last fifteen years, there is probably a legitimate question of whether or not this guy deserves to be in his current pinch."

Noted climate contrarian suddenly discovers concern with email subpoenas
"Professor emeritus Richard Lindzen is a noted climate change skeptic who has suddenly discovered his concern for politically motivated investigations into climate scientists. (…) Dr. Lindzen’s concern with subpoenas of private correspondence between scientists is welcome, in fact we share that concern. But they’re especially noteworthy as just a few years ago, the good professor was by all accounts an eager participant in hearings and identical subpoenas issued by conservative lawmakers to mainstream climate scientists."


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