Oh, no, not vaccines again…

Well, yeah.

Lots of good stuff came out in the last few days, putting them here is a way to share and at the same time have them at hand in case of necessity.

I’ll concentrate, or mostly, on the supposed autism-vaccine link. As everyone is probably sick to know, much of that can be traced back to the astonishingly bad paper once published and later retracted by the Lancet: A Discredited Vaccine Study’s Continuing Impact on Public Health.

Two recent articles take that pseudo-research to the shed once again, so that there shouldn’t be any more doubts:
Dear Anti-Vaxxers: The ‘Study’ You All Base Your Pseudo Crap On, Has Been Discredited, Debunked, And Labeled ‘Fraudulent’
The research linking autism to vaccines is even more bogus than you think

The titles are self-explanatory, no need to cite anything, just go there and read the whole thing.

But there is that story about Amish people not vaccinating and thus having no autism. Well, no. Turns out the first part of the claim is demonstrably false, the second a baseless assumption, and it’s all based on bogus “journalism”, even worse than bogus science: Autism amongst the Amish. “So – we can say that the assumption that the Amish do not vaccinate is in severe doubt. When 90% of Amish adults in a survey state they received vaccinations and when 84% state all their kids have been vaccinated to what do we attribute the fact that according to Dan Olmsted, Dr Paul King, Lisa Ackerman and various posters on Yahoo groups there is little to no autism amongst the Amish?“.

OK, but then there is that settlement that conceded that vaccines caused autism, right? Er, no. David Gorski, someone with actual knowledge, not a graduate from Google U, writes a thorough description of the case: The Hannah Poling case and the rebranding of autism by antivaccinationists as a mitochondrial disorder. In summary, “The take-home lesson from this attempt to rebrand autism as a mitochondrial disorder is that everything old is new again. A few years ago, antivaccinationists in the U.S. tried to rebrand it as “mercury poisoning” due to vaccines while ignoring the far larger sources of mercury in the environment when considered cumulatively, such as the diet. When that rebranding withered in the face of science failing to find a link between vaccines and autism, they pivoted on a dime and without missing a beat are now trying to rebrand it as a mitochondrial disorder. What’s forgotten in all of this is that the commonality is, as it always is for antivaccinationists, vaccines. No matter what new causation hypotheses for autism they come up with, no matter what new discoveries in genetics and physiology are made about the pathophysiology of autism, there’s one thing you can predict: Antivaccinationists will try to torture the science into making it all about vaccines, just as they have always done, and that there will be a new round of autism quackery based on mitochondrial disorders“. I think that goes to the heart of it, and it is yet another reason I decided to post this; autism is the scarecrow that is being used, no matter how hurtful this is to people with autism, by the way, by the anti-vaxx LUNATICS to further propagate their BS…

Not convinced yet? read this: How do vaccines cause autism?

(many thanks to my friend Barbara Cee for many of the links on this post)

Post-Script: A report from the Institute of Medicine, a non-profit branch of the  US National Academy of Science (lest someone starts moaning about “Big pharma”) on vaccine safety is freely available online: Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety: Stakeholder Concerns, Scientific Evidence, and Future Studies. From the executive summary: “In this most comprehensive examination of the immunization schedule to date, the IOM committee uncovered no evidence of major safety concerns associated with adherence to the childhood immunization schedule, which should help to reassure a diverse group of stakeholders. Indeed, rather than exposing children to harm, following the complete childhood immunization schedule is strongly associated with reducing vaccine-preventable diseases“.


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