The fallacies of charter schools

The selling of charter schools as a solution to public education is one of the greatest scams of recent history. A disguised form of privatization, it only reinforces inequalities that education should be helping to reduce. Fortunately, there are people who pay attention:
5 Devastating Facts About Charter Schools You Won’t Hear from the ‘National School Choice Week’ Propaganda Campaign. "Circling back to that fancy website with its cute dance, I want to encourage us to be more critical in our evaluations of what is good for our children. Yes, it makes charter schools and voucher programs look shiny, happy and successful. But it’s worth remembering that School Choice Week is basically a giant commercial, paid for by a huge list of corporate sponsors. It’s pushing a product. Like all ads, I know it is a misrepresentation designed to make me want it. But just because I can buy it, doesn’t make it worth having. And I’m not buying.".


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