Alien What?

I was aware for a while that a cable channel has a show about “ancient aliens”, reportedly a “documentary” (yeah, right) recycling the crap presented by von Daniken years ago. What I wasn’t aware was how long that crap has been on the air (over seven seasons already), or that there are people who actually believe this insanity.

Fortunately, someone made a long (3 hours!) documentary thoroughly shredding the whole circus to pieces, Ancient Aliens Debunked, which I thoroughly recommend.

UPDATE: The author gives too much credit to coincidences between creation myths, especially about “giants”, as “evidence” that “something” weird really happened in mankind’s history in the last 30-40 min or so of the doco. Other than that, it is well reasoned and researched.

Still on the subject of “UFOs”, there is a short commentary by dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, in which he demolishes the whole argument with his usual wit and humour:

And, to cap this off, Randall Munroe synthesizes the arument in a nutshell: Settled.

Just to make it clear: I am not saying that any of those things are outright impossible or never could happen, just that as Sagan famously sad, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and there is no bloody evidence for any of that. Simply there’s no “there”, there.


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