The Koch brothers’ influence on US politics

Some people are fond of crazy consipiracy theories that are so preposterous that don’t even merit the effort of debunking them, just the ridicule.

Unfortunately, this may lead to an overall dismissal of actual conspiracies, that don’t require any leaps of logic or appeal to hidden knowledge to verify.

Case in point, the ever-increasing influence of the privately owned Koch conglomerate on US politics, carefully kept from the public eye by its owners, the Koch brothers.

It is comforting to those on the right, particularly those on the far right of the political spectrum, to believe that it is the strength of their ideas that are winning the political debate; unfortunately, moneyed interests are increasingly displacing genuine political discourse, while being ignored by the bulk of the “liberal media” (as if…), which is part and parcel of the same economic interests.

Fortunately there are still real journalists in the US, and they have produced a remarkable account of the economic and political expansion of the Koch empire, first in an article in Rolling Stone magazine (which had a follow-up after an attempted rebuttal by the Kochs), and, more recently, in Mother Jones. They expose not only the political shenanigans of the duo, but the awful history of their economic empire.

Given how post-Citizen United politics in the US is being played out, there is enough to make everyone afraid, very afraid…


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