The absurdity of anti-vaccine arguments, from the POV of a mother of an autistic child

I’ve written a number of times about the unredeemable stupidity of the anti-vax cult (shameless plug: I recently had an article I wrote with a colleague on this subject approved for publication, further news in this space), but I have to admit never gave much thought to what it would mean for people with autism and their close ones what it would mean to be used as a scarecrow against vaccines.

That is, until I came across this brilliant and poignant piece: Stop Using My Children to Scare Parents Out of Vaccinating.

Just a small snippet, to give a general idea: “As an autism parent, it offends me that my children’s condition is being used to scare people away from life-saving medical treatments. I don’t want that to happen. It angers me there are people out there who truly think my children and others like them would be better off dead than just a little different. It’s what the anti-vaccine community has come to in many cases; a hatred of all things autism. I have seen parents like me try to plead how wonderful their children are and how they wouldn’t trade them for anything, only to be told they are foolish and crazy. I have also seen adult autistics make very reasoned and well-constructed arguments, only to either be completely ignored or called horrible names. I don’t understand how people become that filled with hate and paranoia, and I don’t think I ever will“.

There is a link in the text to a petition for the irresponsible deniers to stop using people with autism as an excuse to not vaccinate children. Go read the whole thing, sign the petition, fight the good cause.


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