On Big Publishing and its deleterious effects

Recently I wrote a commentary about the shady commercial aspects of the scientific publishing industry that my boss kindly decided to make into an editorial, so it was published as: de Camargo Jr, Kenneth R. “Big Publishing and the Economics of Competition.” American journal of public health 104.1 (2014): 8-10.

Thus, it is not surprising, to me at least, to read this: Academic Publisher Fights Publication Of Paper Criticizing Publishers’ Price Increases And Profits.

It can be summarized in one sentence, from the post above itself: “A group of UK academics tried to bring this debate to the publishers last year via a proposition paper that criticized the steadily increasing prices of publications, only to have it stonewalled and censored by academic publisher Taylor & Francis.

The whole thing is worth reading, and it gives access to a full version of the paper that started the polemic.

Something has to change.


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