More on Hayek

I posted recently about Hayek’s horribly racist views.

Soon after that, Cory Doctorow makes an excellent commentary on his economic/political views: How Hayek bred a race of elite monsters.

"As the gap between the rich and the poor widens, as the proportion of GDP that goes to "guard labor" in our militarized police forces and our bulging private prisons, as the most corrupt captains of industry grow richer while the rest of us are faced with an old age in poverty — and a working life dominated by caring for our own sick and elderly relations — it’s worth reviewing Hayek’s record, and the greedy, selfish, corrupt world it produced."

He is referring to a text by Bill Black, How Hayek Helped the Worst Get to the Top in Economics and as CEOs, from which I quote:

"Libertarians are profoundly anti-democratic. The folks at Cato that I debate make no bones about their disdain for and fear of democracy. Friedrich von Hayek is so popular among libertarians because of his denial of the legitimacy of democratic government and his claims that it is inherently monstrous and murderous to its own citizens. (…) But von Hayek’s critique of democratic government has proven to be the most monstrous blood libel of the post-World War II era – falsely declaring that democratic government must end in tyranny and the mass murder of its own people."

A horrible man, no doubt, but what does it say about his followers?


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