Trade agreements and the end of public commons

If anyone still harbours any doubt about what "trade agreements" mean, just take a look at this: US trade rep demands end to other nations’ healthcare, privacy rules, food labelling…

Cory Doctorow summarizes the issues as follows: "Public Citizen analyzes the new Obama 2014 National Trade Estimate Report, in which the US Trade Rep demands that: Japan abolish its privacy rules and its requirement that food be labelled with its ingredients; Canada abolish its rules limited pharmaceutical patents; Malaysia get rid of its tariffs on pork and booze; Mexico nuke its junk food taxes, and more. It’s great reading, and leaves little room for doubt about the neoliberal future, in which anything that’s bad for corporate profits — even if it’s good for society or reflects national values — is killed in the name of free trade".

For more information on such issues, please visit Oxfam’s site.


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