Fake “Pregnancy Crisis Centers”

I was in Vancouver, BC, in 2007 for visiting some colleagues and making a couple of conferences. It was a wonderful time, the city is great, we made some new friends and got to strenghthen bonds with old ones.

But one thing horrified me while we were there: one night, resting at the hotel and watching TV there was an ad for a supposed”Pregnancy Crisis Centre” that was anything but. Repeating a series of outright lies to supposed problems that an abortion could have for a woman, it was a badly disguised front for some fundamentalist religious organization which preyed on women at a moment of real crisis to impose their view and force them to go on with a pregnancy no matter how unwelcome.

So you can imagine the satisfaction when I read this: Google Agrees To Remove Misleading Ads For Right-Wing ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’.

In a nutshell: “According to the group’s analysis, 79 percent of the CPCs that advertised on Google indicated that they provide abortion services, even though they’re actually in the business of dissuading women from choosing an abortion. After NARAL presented its findings to Google, the company took down those ads, confirming to the Washington Post that it was simply following its normal procedures for reviewing advertisements.

Recently I returned to Vancouver for a seminar. I didn’t watch much TV, but I don’t have much hope that TV stations would follow such standards…


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