More news on the anti-vax front

Public health officials and researchers have been warning about the predictable effects of certain parents’ refusal to vaccinate their children due to misguided beliefs about vaccines’ side effects.

If numbers don’t work, maybe putting a human face to them will; the mother of a victim of this kind of dangerous lunacy wants to be heard: This Baby Has Whooping Cough, And Her Mother Wants More People To Get Their Vaccines.

Similar tactics are being adopted elsewhere: How Public Health Advocates Are Trying To Reach Nonvaccinators.

The organized pressure on the sponsors of a charity avoided sending the money they collected to a misinformation center run by anti-vaxxers: Your Baby Back Ribs Will No Longer Support Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists.

To top it all, Jenny McCarthy claims she’s not anti-vaccine (!): Jenny McCarthy, Who Still Promotes Misinformation About Vaccines, Now Says “I Am Not ‘Anti-Vaccine’”. Yeah, right. Read and weep.


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