Intellectual Property, Patents and DRM

I’ve written about those issues a few times. Although there could be an argument about the need to protect intellectual property rights, the fact is that current law (such as the draconian DMCA in the US) was dictated by huge corporations to suit their needs, and screw the rest.

Two different posts show the outraging consequences of such legislation. First, Randall Munroe of the incomparable xkcd, a favourite of mine, summarizes what is wrong (and there’s a lot) with Digital Rights Management systems: Steal This Comic (xkcd)

Second, Kirby Ferguson (who had previously authored the wonderful Everything Is A Remix, which demolishes some persistant myths about the "originality" of certain "geniuses" *cough* Steve Jobs), explains what a patent troll is, how damaging they are, and how they are a direct consequence of inadequate copyright laws in a video: Everything is a Remix vs Patent Trolls.

Help to disseminate this information, few people are aware of this.


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