Antivax achievements

Not vaccinating has obvious consequences: preventable diseases rear their ugly heads again…

Map of the Day: The High Cost of Vaccine Hysteria

And it infuriates me (I’m well-behaved today) to no end to think this mob histeria was by a large margin the consequence of a shoddy, fraudulent article (that got published in the Lancet, anyway – something to think about):

The Great MMR Vaccine Fraud

"The belief that vaccines cause autism got its start in 1998 with a paper in the Lancet authored by Andrew Wakefield. We’ve known for a long time that it was a piece of crap: it used a nonrandom sample of 12 children, it depended largely on observations by parents, it was marred by egregious conflicts of interest, and in 2004 it was renounced by 10 of its co-authors and later retracted by the magazine. That’s all bad enough. But it turns out that it was even worse: the paper was an outright fraud from start to finish."


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