A dangerous quack sells miracle cancer “cures”…

I mentioned this guy before.

An organized effort to have him properly investigated was launched recently, as reported by Xeni Jardin, herself a cancer patient: At ‘The Houston Cancer Quack,’ Skeptics call on Congress to investigate Stanislaw Burzynski. And I quote: “One doctor who has been long the target of such ‘false hope‘ concern is Stanislaw Burzynski, of ‘antineoplaston’ fame. The Houston-based provider was recently featured in a major investigative takedown in USA Today reported by health journalist Liz Szabo.Today, Skeptic and pro-science crusader Robert Blaskiewicz shares news of thehoustoncancerquack.com, a new online campaign calling for a congressional investigation into the Burzynski Clinic, and an examination of why the FDA’s reviews of their operations have led to little more than hand-slaps. Why is this guy still in business?

For more context, the BBC did a report on him previosuly: Curing cancer or ‘selling hope’ to the vulnerable?. From the page: “Dr Burzynski calls them antineoplastons. He used to extract them from human urine, but he now uses chemicals. Up to 300 litres of the drug, which has never been licensed, are produced in this factory every day. Dr Burzynski exploits a legal loophole: the patients treated with antineoplastons do so as part of a clinical trial, so the drug does not need a licence. These trials have been taking place for 20 years“.

If you are reading this, and happen to find some news about a “miracle” cancer cure, please exercise you skepticism to its fullest extent. The odds are, overwhelmingly, that this is, in the best possible case, delusional, and more likely a scam feeding on desperate people.


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