Malala Yousafzai

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that is the Pakistani girl that was cowardly shot by the Taliban for defending girls and women’s right to education, and who’s been nominated (and deservedly so) for the Nobel Peace Award.

She was yesterday on Jon Stewart’s "The Daily Show". Comedy Central is not on the lineup here, but I can watch the show online on the next day — which, in this case, was today.

I like Jon a lot. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy. I was deeply touched by the opening of the first show he did after the 9/11 attacks; he showed his fragility, his feelings, his humanity. I saw a real person there, not a fictional character. I got that impression once again seeing him interview Malala. He couldn’t help making a joke or two, but he was clearly moved by her words.

An so was I. I am an emotional guy, but even discounting that I was almost driven to tears seeing that young woman talking with such passion about education as a fundamental right and at the same time so serenely about the prospect of her own death at the hands of the Taliban… I am absolutely awed by her and I hope with all my heart she gets the Nobel prize.

I can’t recommend enough watching that interview, and allowing yourself to be touched by that beautiful person. Yes, there are heroes in this world, but they come in surprising shapes sometimes.

The full extended Malala interview:—malala-yousafzai-extended-interview-pt–1—malala-yousafzai-extended-interview-pt–2—malala-yousafzai-extended-interview-pt–3


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