Healthcare costs in the US

One aspect that has been argued to death about healthcare in general and particularly the irrationality of the situation in the US is the angle of cost. As in other situations, visual aids such as charts help to drive the message home, and the set I found today reading the HuffPo is no exception. They are worth looking at, even for those outside the US who still believe that “free markets” solve every problem.

So, without further ado Why U.S. Health Care Is Obscenely Expensive, In 12 Charts.

I’d like to vcall attention, however, to an item that is not directly related to the healthcare debate, but is perhaps even more important: look at chart # 3, under the heading “Health care spending has grown much faster than the rest of the economy in recent decades“. Forget the upper line and consider only the bottom two.

While the US GDP grew 168% in the last fifty years, wages rose only 16% – that’s ten times less!

And the author of the article didn’t even comment on that…


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