The “Miss America” brouhaha

I usually wouldn’t even look at anything involving a beauty pageant. They are a celebration of gender stereotypes and objetification of women, and, at this point of history, a rather quaint relic from the past that refuses to resign itself to the oblivion it deserves.

Having said that, it was impossible not to notice the absurdist reactions of all kinds of bigots to the selection, nomination, beatification, whatever (I don’t know how the hell that works and really couldn’t be bothered to find out) of a woman of Indian ascent to be Miss America.

The amount of vile, brutal and extremely stupid stuff that seeped through the intertubes was echoed everywhere, a sad testimony to human stupidity and bigotry in the world, and particularly in the USA.

And then, following a suggestion by a friend (thanks Ralph!) I found this link to a video made by an energetic, brilliant, funny young woman, commenting on the affair, to which I can’t add anything: Superwoman (Lilly Singh) Goes In On the Racist Backlash to Indian-American Miss America.


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