Another interesting take on the issue of mistrust of science

I have always been wary of information wrapped up as “science” that serves as vehicle for other interests. But more recently I started paying attention as well to the refusal of accepting perfectly reasonable statements, due to a conspiratory, paranoid worldview in which every physician is out there to milk you from your money and poison you with drugs that are falsely claimed to treat you (not that this description wouldn’t apply to certain cases, but I digress). In a very Orwellian turn of events, being an expert in some field or other — especially those that are health-related — makes one the least qualified to comment on said field.

Case in point, the attempts to deny a large body of knowledge connecting being overweight to poor health, as reported here: “QUACKING LIKE A DUCK“: “(…) It borrows heavily from the climate denial/anti-vaccine movements in its belittling of ‘so-called experts’. This recent Guardian (UK) column illustrates the point nicely. Did you know that doctors are not to be trusted? That they’re just a bunch of know-it-alls whose opinions are no better than yours? Beware the ‘beady eye of a disapproving GP’ who doles out the ‘type of medical finger-wagging (Academy of Medical Royal Colleges) advocates.’ The National Health Service has a plan to ‘pester patients about their weight in every encounter,’ which is not what doctors should do (in the opinion of people like the author who seem convinced that obesity is not inversely related to overall health and longevity).”

The whole thing  is worth reading.




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