A blog, by any other name…

Why change the name of this blog thingy, my three regular readers might ask.

Well, when I chose the previous title I felt I was being very clever, until today, when my wife,searching for this place, found reams of blogs with exactly the same title…

The previous name was a tribute to René  Magritte, one of my favourite painters. It was a paraphrase of a sentence written in one of his most widely known paintings, La trahison des images. I thought of replacing the paraphrase of what was painted by the title itself, but there is already a “La trahison des mots”.

So I decided to adopt a name that reflects what I am doing most of the time: I once told a friend that sometimes I feel like an island surrounded by expired deadlines, and the new name  was born, I hope you like it.

Incidentally, the title of this post was also something I considered using as a title. Also already taken.

Achieving originality is really hard.




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