Here comes the sun…

I'm floored…

From the comments on YouTube:
"Apart of understanding that English in not an universal language (still) and not much people controls it in Spain, the song has a second meaning in Spanish related to the 'Indignados-15m' movement (yes, one of the models to inspire the later 'Occupy') as the meeting point has always been 'Sol' (a central square in Madrid) and has, since then, became a symbol of change, so the subtitles here are key for political reasons."
"This flashmob was organised in a job centre/unemployment office in Madrid by a Spanish radio program called Carne Cruda (which means 'raw meat'). This program was closed down because of their left wing tendencies in August 2012 by the conservative Spanish government. Luckily, Carne Cruda are now back now in a different radio station."

This moved me to tears. Solidarity still exists. And it's a Beatles song – one of the most beautiful in the treasure chest that is their songbook, and beautifully played as well.

Well, enough already – just watch the video.


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