More on violence against women

The horror of the gang rape and death of a young woman in India has been much on my mind these days.

One thing that has been bothering me in particular that this is a rare event, confined to some exotic place. Unfortunately it isn’t. To wit, the excellent Taslima Nasrim:

Many Indians still believe that rapes occur only in rural areas and only illiterate poor people like bus drivers, fruit sellers, rickshaw pullers rape. They do not want to believe that ‘educated’ people like doctors, engineers, professors, scientists, philosophers rape too. Women closed their eyes and kept their mouths shut for a very long time. It’s time to expose famous film makers/producers/stars/authors/politicians/players etc. who sexually harass, assault, abuse, molest, rape women.Many people say ‘mindset of men must be changed’ But the mindset does not fall from the sky. Men develop a fixed mindset while growing up in a patriarchal society that prefers sons to daughters, makes women live with in-laws and takes husband’s surnames,and gives men the right to control women’s body and mind, desires and wishes, rights and freedom. Patriarchal society teaches men and women since their early days that women are inferior to men, that women are just sex objects and sophisticated slaves.Patriarchal mindset will remain as long as patriarchy remains.

The patriarchy also legitimizes violence against gays, for instance. And the greatest enabler of patriarchy, of course, is religion…

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