Roger Ebert provides a much needed voice of reason on the horrid attacks on US embassies

In one aspect, however, I differ a bit from him. Yes, the whole thing was obviously designed to provoke this kind of reaction. This, however, does not exculpate the people who reacted in that predictable fashion. As usual, extremists on opposite sides of any dispute are quite effective in proving each other a bunch of morons…

Additionally, I believe that for people who have lived all their lives under some form of dictatorship or other it is very hard to understand that no matter how much power a US president yields, it is not in his (or, hopefully sooner than later, her) hands to keep US citizens from voicing their opinion. As the troglodyte wing of the US right believes that acknowledging that vitriolic words may hurt some people is tantamount to “apologizing”, the troglodyte wing of Islam believes that the US president is personally behind this kind of attack, since he did not censor it as their dictators du jour would.

If only they were at each others throats exclusively, and let everybody else live their lives…


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