Turing’s Centennial

It is hard to talk about Alan Turing without using superlatives: genius, war hero, excellent athlete…

And yet, the reward he got from the country he helped protect from the Nazi was a humiliating sentence that in the end led him to commit suicide.

Because being gay was a crime in Britain, as still is in some countries today – and people are being exectuded because of that in many places, especially in islamic theocracies.

Punishing people for being who they are, for loving who they love, for desiring who they desire is an abomination in itself. But Turing makes it even more clear the dimension of its stupidity. What kind of wonderful contributions to humanity might mr. Turing still have made, had he not been driven to take his own life at such a young age? What wonderments were we robbed from by blind prejudice?

It also makes me think of the hardships faced even today, even in countries that are more “tolerant” (that being itself another problematic word), by gays and lesbians and other minority groups, especially among the youth. How strong those people are to face so much harassment and still be true to who they are.

In Turing’s memory, let’s cellebrate acceptance as well.


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