I get around


To make a long story short, last Friday I arrived at Lyon at night, in order to get the TGV to Paris the next morning. I got a train from Grenoble that landed me at Lyon’s Gare Part Dieu (the same place I’d be departing on the following morning) about 20:45.
I took some time there to make sure that I knew where I had to be on the following day, and then asked for instructions on how to get to the hotel. The nice lady at the train station suggested that I should take the tramway, so I had to change a € 10 bill to get some coins, bought a ticket, waited a long time, and later found out that the distance between the tramway stop and the hotel was longer than between the train station and the hotel. πŸ™‚
“A” marks where the hotel is; the coloured line marks the tramway route; above and a little to the left of the hotel it’s the stop that faces the train station (Identified as Gare Part Dieu); below and further to the right, almost at the right bottom corner, is the tramway stop where I got off.



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