Changing opinions

There was a comedian in Brazil, a long ago, called Apparicio Torelly (Baron of ItararĂ© was his nom-de-plume, ItararĂ© being the site of a battle that didn’t take place) who was very funny and intelligent, and one of his specialties was the creation of maxims, or subversive variations of those that existed (for instance, two birds in the bush are worth a wasp in the hand), which he called his “minims”.


One of Torelly’s minims could be freely translated as “From where you expect the least, that’s where nothing will come out”. Although I think this still applies in most cases, there are exceptions. Case in point: Russel Brand. The first time he became a bleep in my radar was related to that idiotic, witless, mean prank call to Andrew Sachs.


But recently, he penned a very thoughtful and moving eulogy to Amy Winehouse. And more recently, he wrote this about the London riots.


I got there through Crooks & Liars, one of the blogs I read regularly, and as Susie Madrak, the author of the post, was quite surprised by Brand’s piece.


I’m still not completely over the first impression, but I have to admit those two texts speaks a lot about their author, in a good way.


One thought on “Changing opinions

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am not a fan of Russell but I thought this article was very good. It really does shine a different light on the man which neatly brings me to my favourite sentence: "The only light in their lives comes from these luminous corporate messages."

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