Quoth the Raven: "(American Airlines) Nevermore!"

We’re finally back from our short trip to Montréal, but not thanks to
American Airlines. Our departure from here was delayed by three hours,
and we lost the connecting flight in JFK. We were relocated to a Delta
flight, but apparently someone at American didn’t do their homework
properly, because when we arrived at the Delta counter for the
check-in, the guy who handled our boarding passes complained a lot and
said we might have not been able to board that flight. Once we got to
the gate, our boarding passes were being flagged by the scanner for
some reason, and there was a considerable – and stressful – delay
until a Delta employee with more seniority told us to proceed. Once in
Montréal, our luggage wasn’t there and only arrived 24 hours later,
despite Delta having at least one more JFK-YUL flight later that day
and being aware of the problem with the luggage.

On going back, our flight to JFK was canceled, and since we wouldn’t
make it in time to NY to get the connecting flight home, we were given
an hotel voucher to stay the night and relocated to another flight the
next day. The hotel voucher didn’t include a meal, though, and instead
of putting us in another AA flight, the incompetent person who handled
our case set us up with a TAM flight that simply had no room for us.
We had to wait as standby passengers until the TAM check-in ended,
when we finally were able to board the plane, and from there on things
got a lot better, thanks to that other air company.

The amount of stress we went through cannot be put in words, and we
are considering whether to pursue any actions against AA. In any
event, I’m voting with my feet, and I intend to never again board
another flight with them. Aside from all the incidents reported above,
the planes are cramped, with a Jurassic on-board entertainment system,
consisting of half a dozen tiny CRT displays placed in such a way
that practically no one can actually have a good line of sight to
them. Contrast this with TAM’s individual LCDs consoles with video
on-demand, and the option for intercontinental flights is really a
no-brainer. Not to mention that even in cattle – I mean, coach – class
the leg room is larger and the seat back reclines significantly more
in TAM’s Airbus.

So, dear American Airlines, I dedicate this song to you:


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