Stuff you see on TV

I was remote-surfing a few minutes ago when I landed on the n-th
re-screening of a documentary presenting a libertarian wet dream, the
“freedom ship”, a massive floating city and convenient tax haven. This
thing has been around for ages and all I knew from it was that same
doco with all the CGI-made images.


Googling a little I found a very good text that discusses that idiotic concept:


Just a little quote: “Above all, they recast their most banal
avarice — the disinclination to pay tax — as a principled blow for
political freedom. Not content with existing offshore tax shelters,
multimillionaires and property developers have aspired to build their
own. For each such rare project that sees (usually brief) life, there
are many unfettered by actual existence, such as Laissez-Faire City, a
proposed offshore tax haven inspired by a particularly crass and
gung-ho libertarianism, that generated press interest in the mid-’90s
only to collapse in infighting and bad blood; or New Utopia, an
intended sea-based libertarian micro-nation in the Caribbean that
degenerated with breathtaking predictability into nonexistence and


Couldn’t agree more.


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