Subject of anti-gay "therapy" kills self as adult; who’s to blame?

“Therapy to change ‘feminine’ boy created a troubled man, family says”

The “therapist” in point is the guy involved in the rent-a-boy
scandal. Although strictly speaking he is correct that it is difficult
to attribute someone’s suicide to a specific cause, I have no doubt
that the “therapy” at the very least contributed to some severe
emotional damage. To what extent the parents can be absolved is yet
another point. Even admitting the influence that an apparently
respected psychologist from a top-level university like UCLA would
have on regular folk, would every father follow the suggestions to
spank his child with such gusto? And for a long time before the
“therapy” was over? And would every mother be as complicit? Or let
normative worries overcome her child begging for attention?

Not that any of this reduces the responsibility for the damages that
anti-gay “therapies” and “therapists” have in making life worse for
countless people…

Incidentally, “sissy boy”, CNN? Really?


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