Not really happy right now
Canadian Tories refuse to send soldiers to help flood victims because
they’d compete with the private sector
“The new Tory majority in Canada is redefining ‘compassionate
conservativism’: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews initially refused to
send more troops to help victims of the flood in Quebec’s Richelieu
Valley because ‘the services you are requesting, if they were
authorized, would place the Canadian Forces in competition with the
private sector at the local and provincial level which could
accomplish this type of reintegration work.’ ”
Murder plain and simple
“I have searched and did not find any reference to the following
murder of a Native American woodcarver by a Seattle police officer
last August. In the video, shot by a police car dash-cam, the man John
T. Williams is seem walking across the street carving a piece of wood.
People walking past him and near him show no concern or fear
whatsoever. However, when a police officer sees him, John T. Williams’
world ends within seconds. The video shows much of what happened,
although you can only hear the shooting. Then you see how Williams
dead body is handcuffed and flopped around by other cops responding to
the scene.”…
Jose Claudio Ribeiro Da Silva And Maria Do Espirito Santo Da Silva,
Environmental Activists, Shot And Killed In Brazil
“An activist fighting to protect the Amazon rain forest from loggers
was shot and killed with his wife, Brazilian authorities said
The killings occurred just hours before Brazil’s lower house of
Congress passed legislation environmentalists warned will increase
deforestation in the region.”

I don’t even know what else to write besides the title of this post.
The common subtheme to this pile of bad news? They are all somehow
connected to extreme conservative politics. More obviously in the
first case, maybe not so clear in the second, but there are racial
overtones that are more clear if you read the whole thing (the video
is enough to make one’s blood boil). And here in Brazil, the right
(even though they are not alone) is all about razing down the forest
to make way for agribusiness.

At times like this, I wish hell did exist. 😦


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