From Sir Paul

“Being in Rio was fantastic from the minute we landed. The crowds
around the hotel were bananas! They were just crazy and then it built
and built until we did the shows. I love Brazil. I love the fact that
they love music, it is a very musical nation. I love music, they love
music, so it’s a natural connection. The fans were of all ages at the
shows. There was a huge young fanbase, which i love, and then there
was their parents and even their grandparents, so it is s a great
spread. The enthusiasm for my music was just mind blowing. So all of
us in the band had a fantastic time and we thank the fans for making
it all so exciting.

Whilst doing ‘Hey Jude’ when I handed over to the audience to sing the
‘na na na na’s’ suddenly the audience produced these signs. It was
such a visual thing. It was very emotional because the fans had gone
to all that trouble. They could have just come to the show and watched
it but they all communicated before hand to make the special moment
happen. They connected with each other, then connected with us and the
entire crew. Everyone felt connected. It was very exciting and
emotional to see that people care so much.”


2 thoughts on “From Sir Paul

  1. Flavio Moutinho says:

    That was very special, indeed. For all of us. The Na Na Na in Hey Jude, as well as the fireworks in Live and Let Die, and the whole rest of the concert.See you next time, Ken! Will you be at Eric Clapton’s?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t think so. I’m getting too old for this. 🙂 I’m not that much of a Clapton fan, Of all the people that are coming to Rio this year I’d like to see Coldplay, but the Rock in Rio format and venue are a definite put-off to me.

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