Companies being silly – Barnes & Noble, HTC

B&N produces an e-reader (Nook ), and sells books for it – but not outside US or Canada. Asked about it, their representative attributes this to difficulties around varying policies and taxes among different countries. Kobo books and Amazon do not seem to have this kind of problem, and e-books sold by the former can be read in the Nook. In summary: B&N lays the bed, but renounces to profit from it, at least partially.

HTC produces a number of Android phones, but provides updates only to some of them. Rooting the phone and flashing an updated ROM is fairly easy, though. In summary: HTC practically pushes part of their consumers to take things in their own hands, providing a shoddy postmarket service and risking losing consumer fidelity, in a competitive market where other manufacturers provide such updates to everyone in a timely fashion.

Is it just me that find it dumb for companies to put a lot of effort into creating good products and then throwing it all away with sucky support (in a broad sense)?


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