Amazing blog post…

“Darwin meets Job”


Excerpt: “Job was right. There is no justice in human suffering. There
was no reason why he suffered. And the story does not show a man who
bows down in abject submission to a power that he cannot understand.
The God of Job is the cruelty of nature, and all he can do in response
to it is to surrender and tremble. The great poetic part of Job —
subverted later by a true believer — recognises fully that human life
is a tissue of contingencies, God is a mindless process, and we are
froth on the sea of fate (not faith). But it can be made better. We do
not simply need to submit. We can make the worse work for the best. If
God is in the cruelty, then humanity is in the goodness. That’s a good
reason to give up on gods.




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