There’s truth in them internets…

From Michael Berubé:


Because when I became the director of a humanities center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1997, I was required to attend an ‘administrator orientation.’ To my surprise, ‘administrator orientation’ consisted of two days’ worth of learning how to deal with unfair and/or unbalanced professors and staff, who, we were told, would make our lives hell at the very first opportunity. (And you know what? Even though my center had no permanent faculty and only two staff members, the orientation leaders were entirely right about this.) And one remark from that orientation has stayed with me for almost ten years.


A bully, we were told, is someone who knocks you down and takes your lunch money.


An academic bully is someone who runs into you, falls backward, claims injury, and sues you for your lunch money.


Been there, done that… (more precisely, was subjected to that)


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