Things that are good to my liver

I think that the rise of militant atheism is a refreshing novelty in the social-cultural-political landscape. Though disliked (even vilified) by some people (including people I like) I think it is an appropriate response to militant religious people forcing their belief on everyone (including and especially the creationist plague).

Let’s not forget the importance of militant anti-clericalism for the Enlightenment, OK? 😉

So, with this in mind, I found out yet another specimen of the type: NonStampCollector

The alias comes from an analogy that I loved, to wit: If atheism is a “religion”, then Not Collecting Stamps is a “hobby”.

His Christianity debate is (IMO) accurate and adequately infuriating to believers.

So, enjoy (or be insulted)!


2 thoughts on “Things that are good to my liver

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Ken. I’ve just watched a bunch of his videos and also found this girl. :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mike,<br><br>I usually have the same kind of reaction when I hear people talking about &quot;miracles&quot; (like a horrid car crash where dozens are killed and one people survives), but not as angry and certainly not as cute as her. :)<br> <br>OTOH I had the displeasure of finding a Pat Condell video insulting people who criticised him for campaigning for the UKIP…<br><br>Ken

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